Identify Interest

All learning starts with "interest"!  I put that in quotes because it is another "wobbly" term.  Every teacher appreciates the important of interest, because NO learning takes place, outside of rote, without THAT which drives more curious questions.

So, while all that is known! Most instructions starts with what the INSTRUCTOR views as important.  At what point is the learner considered?  Today, iPlanToLearnNOW put the participant's interest as the true incentive to create a "system that gets stuff done!"  

Today's lesson emphasized the importance to "Identify Interest".  As done in previous lesson, the student artifact will be recorded on a blank white sheet of paper.  Inevitably, participants produce a list of materials that are revealed.  Students are challenged to produce "Anything" from the materials under the blanket.  Each student should "WANT" to create a list so they can have a more realistic understanding of what CAN be made.

Students are provided an entrepreneurial opportunity to translate their idea into a product that will be produced by the all of the students by the end of the year and be sold online.  Today, participants were provided with an opportunity to IDENTIFY an interest to satisfy the challenge of creating a product from ANY materials under a blanket.  The lesson was delivered in a pre-recorded video by me, Tom Bieschke, and elegantly supported in the classroom by Megan Black. 

iPlanToLearnNOW provides week 04 in What is Technology? series. PreK - 12th graders face weekly challenges that encourage them to Identify clearly, Gather cleverly, Organize sensibly, Produce reliably, Share smoothly. Week 04 offers learners the challenge of inventorying three boxes and determining a product that could be mass produced.

Best Lesson Ever!

Learning Naturally →

Last Friday was the best day I have experienced as an educator.  

iPlanToLearnNOW started the "What is Technology?" curriculum today.  We provided a pre k - 12 experience that integrated a single lesson across all grades.  Students were confronted with the opportunity to question the very existence Time.  

Once the confusion was sown, the team associated another "wobbly" term.  "Wobbly" was used by one student to describe the concept of Time.  Once the students felt at ease with their discomfort, the team asked the students to try and define the term technology.  Think about it...

Once the concept of technology being a system that helps us get stuff done was met with acknowledgement, we put the students to the problem of getting a piece of paper across an infinite river of lava.  Everyone loves a lava party.

Each level impressed us with creative problem solving that produced unique and meaningful solutions.