Best Lesson Ever!

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Last Friday was the best day I have experienced as an educator.  

iPlanToLearnNOW started the "What is Technology?" curriculum today.  We provided a pre k - 12 experience that integrated a single lesson across all grades.  Students were confronted with the opportunity to question the very existence Time.  

Once the confusion was sown, the team associated another "wobbly" term.  "Wobbly" was used by one student to describe the concept of Time.  Once the students felt at ease with their discomfort, the team asked the students to try and define the term technology.  Think about it...

Once the concept of technology being a system that helps us get stuff done was met with acknowledgement, we put the students to the problem of getting a piece of paper across an infinite river of lava.  Everyone loves a lava party.

Each level impressed us with creative problem solving that produced unique and meaningful solutions.