How does an idea begin?


How do you turn an idea into action?

Today's world requires reliable and valid ways to identify the important and appreciate the interesting.  By acquiring a way to approach problem solving, a person is prepared for creating solutions. iPlanToLearnNOW is different.  We want to help you discover how you learn to Think, Plan, Act, & Reflect. These are obvious steps that help drive EVERY project. We show you how to integrate those “Milestones” through every one of your projects.

We give you the first one for "Free".  Click on the link below and your view on the subject of Math will change.  Yes, we are taking the most notorious subject of them all, MATH, and in 15 minutes provide a productive way to approach all future problems.  At the end of the “Challenge”, your ability to intentionally achieve success will improve. Seems worth it to give it a try, doesn't it?

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Projects drive learning

All activities within our approach are provided a meaningful context.  Entrepreneurial opportunities provide students with incentives to create.  Imagine a room full of learners eager to find ways to solve their problems.  That is a learning environment that produces solutions.  iPlanToLearnNOW provides challenges that require entrepreneurial responses.  Learning is more than remembering.  Learning is adapting to the reality of a situation with simple, sophisticated and affordable solutions.  

If you have not already, make sure to take the "Math Prisoner" challenge.  In 15 minutes, you will have a new way to look at the subject of Math.  If we can change the way you think about Math in 15 minutes, imagine what a yearlong program will accomplish.

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Pre k - 12 Learn to code

Amazingly, the lessons presented throughout the "What is Technology?" curriculum are designed to operate on all learning levels.  Each student is focused on a personal interest.  Even when in a team environment, students are encouraged to think independently.

Everything starts with you.  Consider taking the challenge and appreciating how the way you view learning can be clarified in a personally satisfying way.  If we can show you how to look at math differently in 15 minutes, imagine what we can do over a year :)

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