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Metacognition is thinking about the way you think.  By FAR, being metacognitive is the number 1 trait of all learning. Just, think about it :)

Our "Challenge Yourself" is meant to provide you with a clear example of how iPlanToLearnNOW trains.  PreK-Adult are exposed to scenarios that seem obvious, but require patience to appreciate the complexity.  Confusion is bred to inspire a desire for relief with a creative solution.  Once a person becomes open to confusion, then enlightenment is just ahead.  Each learner forms paths out of confusion. iPlanToLearnNOW provides the questions that help guide personal discovery and workgroup productivity along the natural pathways worn by the participants. iPTLNOW provides learners with the means to quantify formative behavior, inspire reflection, and report growth in an organic and supportive environment that can be confidently replicated.

After you "write your answer on a blank sheet of paper", view the answer to the "Prisoner Challenge", process the confusion that was inspired, reflect upon the new understanding you have earned from this "Free" challenge, consider contacting or to schedule a way for us to help you save time & get more learning done.



Amazingly, the hardest obstacle that most adults have when taking the challenge is acknowledging confusion.  You are still confused if you don't "write your answer on a blank sheet of paper"!  Just follow the prompts, consider the questions asked, reflect upon any new understanding inspired.

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Surprisingly, satisfying confusion with an insight only produces more questions.  Allow yourself the opportunity to consider how other words you have taken for granted.  What is the purpose of Math?  Yes, this is interesting.  But, have you considered, What is Technology?  We have!  Learn how your organization can take advantage of a revolutionary new way to grow as a life long learner.

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