By answering really big questions, students start to see larger connections and realize that all learning is a process that follows a similar pattern and can be applied to Teaching Reflection

All Learning is built upon Fundamental Elements: Time, Space, Culture, Substance, & Force. By questioning our appreciation of these elements , all learners begin to make clearer connections.  Clarifying connections crystalizes past content within a present context for future replication.


Our Mission

iPlanToLearnNOW produces an interest based curriculum that utilizes a proprietary Macrodeductive strategy that guides a students' personal inquiry.  The most recent production is,  "What is Technology?"   

"What is Technology?" utilizes an iterative process called, IGOPS. IGOPS is a way to approach problem solving.  Basically, Identify what you want, Gather what you need, Organize what needs doing, Produce what you planned, Share your productivity.  Each phase is accompanied by a series of general questions that help shape an original thought and produce a greater awareness of true problem solving.

Purposeful and meaningful activities drive instruction. Throughout the process, iPlanToLearnNOW, quantifies formative growth by monitoring  project completion.  The process quantifies the personal value and satisfaction earned from the student's time invested projecting through a proprietary replicable, innovative, and relational database system. iPlanToLearnNOW is A 21st Century learning system that Saves Time & Gets More Done

After exposure to the “Math Prisoner” challenge, the student summarized the lesson by saying, “So, your telling me math is really just a language. That makes so much sense!
— Student, Einstein Academy (9/8/2017)

What Learners Do

  • Participants monitor personal growth and focus on identified weaknesses to improve. 
  • Strengths are utilized to demonstrate how creating a personal inquiry system is vital in the 21st Century to Save Time & Get More Done. 

iPlanToLearnNOW Challenge→

  • Students learn by becoming intentionally confused.  Sounds insane, but it works.
  •   Small "Fermi" problems are presented to students and creative responses and solutions are the result!
  •  iPlanToLearnNow is an company committed to providing a nourishing environment for the willing.

iPlanToLearnNOW Challenge→